Random Thoughts 4: Abusgar’s

Good morning and compliments of the season. Today, we delve into @Abusgar mind.

I wish to die before my wife. What’s with the frown? Shouldn’t it logically be so considering my pre-existence of her? I’m talking about having her enjoy the fruit of her – even though ours – labour with twenty years added to the about sixty years I pray we spend together as man and wife. Add that to our ages at marriage and you’ll agree with iyawo Jay-Z about who runs the world. The available statistics of landladies is enough an evidence to show who lives longer. But I’m not about to discuss who gets what. I’m more particular about raising my family.

There’s a man living my dream of a father. He’s a friend, a brother, an uncle, a friend’s father, and indeed my father. I forgot to add he’s my counsellor and mentor. Have you read “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” by John Gray? I got it first from him. He’s a chartered accountant and author of “Marriage Preparation: Key Issues To Consider. In a time when child-rearing is considered by many to be the sole responsibility of the mother, this man has taught me how a man can easily compete with his wife to parent their children.

Parenting, I believe, isn’t a favour done to our spouse nor our kids, it is an obligation that must be fulfilled. A brother puts it succinctly here “We did not inherit the world from our parents; we borrowed it from our children. We should live in readiness to return the world in good condition, at least”. It is in the spirit of this readiness that I read books on relationship as though I’m preparing for ICAN and ACCA. Women don’t know what they want. They want everything. No apologies. I once attended a seminar where relationship was heavily discussed. The speaker recommended “The Muslim Marriage Guide” by Ruqaiyya Waris Maqsood. Of course I got and read the book. Smh for myself. I have suffered. From my readings, the best way to handle a woman is to be a mumu! That is my judgement from my engagement in some pre-marital preliminary relationships.

The mumu I plan to be is that father who’d be so responsible as to be described as obsessed with the success of his family. Kitchen work won’t be for my wife alone.(*you just yimu-ed,didn’t you?) I already know how to change diaper for our kids. There shall be time to assist with assignments. I shall nag when I have to.(yeske,I said nag.Atleast what sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander) Truth is, no matter what one reads from relationship books, no single solution is all encompassing of women’s peculiarities. Even with reading the same things and sharing same values, we have our individual differences. To each its own. And this is why she would also have to be patient with me. The realisation of our children’s full potential is our paramount objective.

So, no forming of yeye boss to my wife and kids. It’s one family; one nation. Charity begins at home. Those good things I’ve read are not beyond the wit of man; we’re going to live them. For the love of humanity, it is my reckoning that I must pay my dues without necessarily anticipating what I get in return from my people. It is in the light of this, that I’d like to, after living a fulfilled life, die before my wife. *cycles away slowly*

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of gay rights, religion and evolution.

The world is an environment defined by its dynamism; change is the only constant. Thomas Hobbes, in his treatise “Leviathan”, among other things, posited that man was in the beginning a brutish, savage being who lived a short and brutish life. After a while, he slowly became aware of himself, his environment and fellow man; upon this awareness, civilization was born. This, to me, was the start of the evolution process.

This awareness that birthed civilisation started man on the path of governance. The domination of the weak by the strong though remained a constant as, according to Darwinism, survival is a function of being the fittest(put “strongest” here). Rules were made.

One thing, however, that man had, even at the start, was the belief in the existence of a Being more powerful than he; a being which he believed was stronger than him therefore without directly saying so, demanded of him total obedience. The question wasn’t about the existence but the how. The how that is the way this Being is to be given its due, what sex, if any it should have, how should it look etc. Do you not wonder why the gods bear human traits. Do you not think maybe we created this/these Being(s) and not the other way around. Nature abhors vacuum, and man is a product of nature; could it be that godhood is man’s attempt to explain those phenomena he has no grasp of?

I digress.

Time moved. Man evolved. Change occurred. From being an hunter-gatherer to being a farmer to domesticating animals. Evolution touched religion too; from the polytheic nature of religion to the monotheism that is now pervasive(christianity and islam).

In old English, being gay connoted happiness. It evolved and as used now, it denotes a sexual preference.

Preambles done with, to Nigeria and the recently-passed Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill which is basically as homophobic as a law can be. Now being called the anti-gay law, this law had being in the works for quite a while. Of course, majority of us, yours sincerely inclusive, thought it was a joke. Tweeted jokes about it etc. Imagine the shock when it came to fruition.

It is of note that it is being lauded mainly by the religious bodies. Why? They gave reasons. Reasons I intend questioning herein.

Firstly, is the fact it is an abomination. That it is against nature. A visit to google would show these people that homosexualism is not un-natural. It is a given. Diverse examples abound of other animals doing it. Note my use of “other animals” as the nature argument isn’t religious, it is scientific.

Then the procreation argument which really is given with that look like oya-let-me-see-how-you-will-circumvent this. If we say it is wrong based on this, then all forms of monkhood and other celibacy-based ideals are wrong. Moreover, sex isn’t partook in solely for procreation, is it? In my opinion, it sure as hell isn’t.

At the start of this article, I mentioned evolution. Man has evolved. Have this people not heard of artificial insemination? or the cloning of Dolly the sheep? These things could not be conceptualised when religion as we know it was born. Dogma is the purview of religion and man has had advancements due to his leaving dogma behind and giving free rein to his inquisitive mind. The tabula was rasa for a reason. It is so it can be filled.

Marslow said human needs are basically three: food, shelter and self-actualisation. Being gay doesn’t stop others from fulfilling these.

Prison is built to house deviants whose very existence is harmful to the society, how does being gay hurt society.

The idea behind punishment is commensuration, that is, the punishment equals or is almost equal to the crime. Does being gay justify taking 14 years of a person’s life?

I am a graduate. Through with service. Job hunting. No luck yet. All sectors, including the golden goose’s, petroleum, are in shambles. I don’t think any of the above is the gay’s fault nor do I see those overpaid fat cats passing any law to alleviate the situation. GEJ is ripe for an impeachment but they do that not. The Aviation Minister gave them fake certs during her interview and they are quiet. Or tell us to pray.

I do not hate gay people. I just feel they are missing out (of course they think the same of me). Plus it means a bettering of my chances of landing me a chick (do they still use that word?). Choice of who to love is not supposed to be criminalised. We love who we love, whether they love us back is secondary.


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Iya ni wura; Mother is gold. That is something always said. It is an incomplete saying though. The rest, the usually unsaid part, is “…baba ni jigi” meaning father is jigi. Really though, transliterated it means “father is the mirror”.

Many a song has been written, many a poem waxed extolling the goddess that is one’s mother. I did too. Few ever discuss that man who goes to bed last, wakes up early (at 4am to beat Lagos traffic), gets to work, swallows dents to his pride, gives everything and asks for just little in return; few extol the father. Today, I will try do my bit.

Father is a mirror. Have you ever thought of the fragility which they place on the father and the near-immortality the mother is given. However, maybe that’s not the point. I would like to think the point made is the father’s penchant for telling who and what you really are without mincing words. I’m a boy, first born too. So, forgive me if my opinion is skewed.

The male of most specie have one thing in common; pride. This pride, in humans, gives birth to ego, self-importance, selfishness, love, kindness etc depending on life choices made; but it is always there. Knowing this, can you imagine the amount of patience and swallowing that would allow a man work for another for years so as to provide the three basics: food, shelter and clothings for those who look up to him. Because if you notice, our fathers generation are mainly accountants, technicians, lawyers with sprinklings of the self-employed because then, unlike now, starting up on your own wasn’t a pervasive mindset.

In the midst of all the harshness that is life, they still rememer the little things, (sometimes they forget too though. Like a man with about 8 children asking the fifth born what year he/she was born. That’s forgivable). A year, my dad was outside the state on official business. About 10 hours away from Ibadan. Meetings and all finished on the night of May 11. My dad, as a rule, doesn’t travel at night. Also as a rule, he doesn’t miss birthdays. 7 am the next day, I was dressed and leaving for school,and guess who walks in through the gate: my dad. He drove through the night so he would see me before I leave for school. He is def tired, he could have just called, but he came.

Fathers die before our mothers. It isn’t staying power; they just have worked for so long, they get early leave.

I say my mother is a superwoman. My father isn’t superman. No. He is the sun from which my own superwoman(mom) draws her strength; he is the watchman in the night; the launching pad of his kids.

Hailings to those fathers out there who own just few clothings so the children can have a closetfull; who starve so we may eat; who don’t say “I love you” but let you know they will catch a grenade for you. They are superheroes.


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Random Thoughts 7: Oladapo’s

Are you not afraid? Can you not see it coming? You. Yes,you. You are walking when everyone is running. Do you not have a grasp of the situation?

I am afraid and I can see it coming. Worse, it is looking inescapable by the day. It actually is inevitable. Every second and moment that goes, never to be got back, leads to it. Life is itself defined by it. Already, you know I am talking about death. It is so final.

It is year end and in the midst of the “compliment(s) o”, “same to you”, debauchery, partying, new year resolutions(lol), gluttony, laughter, people died. In Asa’s words, peace for the people who have gone. Every laugh with a corresponding wail, every chuckle with a corresponding sigh. The ying-yanginess that is life as we know it.

Seated here and asking myself,”Am I ready?”. The answer is a shrug because really, is anyone ever ready. Makes me think of where I am at this stage of life. Bleh. Giving me a headache. Alea iacta est because, in the end, Que sera would sera.

Madiba did die this year. Much as it was celebrated, it is saddening at a level that has nought to do with the Mandelas’ pain. It is one closer to home. When would Nigeria be that lucky? Would we ever be that lucky sef. On the same thought train, can my own generation have a man so vaunted. I don’t think so. We are much too lost. We make the trivial important and vice versa.

I fear for my unborn child.

Having got that out of my system (I have always wanted to do the alarmist-end-time is coming thingy.*grins*), welcome to “here”, you are about to go on a journey into my mind. Do drop your sanity at the door, it isn’t necessary here. Just come along.

What or who defines right or wrong? Me?You?Family?Society? Definitely not you nor me. Family is a microcosm of society so, I would go with society. But then, society has a way of being wrong. Of recent, more wrong than right. You see, society is naught but a collection of individuals of like minds. So, when society says this is as it should be, it is just a situation where the majority have come to a singular conclusion which doesn’t necessarily make it right. Galileo paid with his life for society’s idiocy. Society breeds complacency,breeds individuals so rigid in their ways they destroy chances of change; they give as their excuse “that is how it always has been”. That’s just borderline stupid. Because it has always being so doesn’t mean it is SUPPOSED to be so. There always must be an allowance for change; factor in the dynamism that is a defining character of humans and humanity. This rigidity is common to organised religion. I won’t go there. Not today. Ok, why am I thinking of this? Erm…I have no idea.

They say I am not serious. Say I have a devil-may-care attitude. Maybe they are right. Maybe I just select that which to worry myself about. Maybe.


Arsenal is playing Newcastle today. Wish I could see that game. That reminds me. The decoder needs fixing. #7500. Need another #11000 to subscribe. Why do the government allow us be exploited so. What’s wrong with pay-per-view as is done in other countries. Why can’t dstv have plans where I choose exactly what I want to watch and pay for it. Not like I watch CCTV, *insert all the Afmag and afmag clones(telemundo et al) here*etc anyways. If it isn’t dstv, it is MTN. Those thieves. What the hell is “fair usage”. I pay for blackberry subscription,check data and I am told “fair usage”. Why? Itumo?

Fun isn’t fun anymore. Too much worries. Too much to do, but finite time to do it in. Everyone is in a rush. Looking at the big picture while neglecting to create their own kodak moments. Seeing the millions. We forget to appreciate the little things like a mother’s hug, a father’s presence, the adoration of siblings, the fellowship of friends who have become kin.

Sometimes, one just needs to stop,take whatever brand of chill pill works for you,and ask, “what is the endgame?”

I am dapo and thank you.


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Random Thoughts 6: Ololade’s

Day 6. Thought 6. Thank you for still being here. Tomorrow is the finale. Do enjoy.

Random thoughts…
This shouldn’t be hard…
I have them all the time… I think? Oh well… To share a few with you‎​‎​ should be easy-breezy, right? Be warned though, even I, sometimes, am not on top of d workings of my mind… I mean they surprise me every now and then… And I am not talking about those thoughts and/or ideas that you​‎​ coincidentally share with your colleague at work, or with your hair stylist, or your siblings, or your frenemy… Nah! I mean those very random thoughts that jump out of nowhere and sometimes stay with you‎​‎​ for a while, but then leave just as they came… ‘Know what I mean…? Errrrm… Maybe it’s exclusive to the workings of MY mind… Right? Or am I wrong? Never mind…

Random thoughts… I’m writing this not caring much for your understanding of it… A lil’ caveat for you‎! It’s about Random thoughts, innit? (Hehehehe :d :p) so amma make it ‘live’… Let’s see where and how far my mind’s working this boxing day morning…

It’s 9:18am… I’m a morning person- still in bed though… That bbm channel, ‘Fact-Check’ shared that it’s been proven that the human brain works at its best from 10am… Or is it 11am… Maybe I should suspend this till then… U know… I want you‎ to be impressed at the workings of my mind… :D Yeah yeah… I remember I said I am writing this not caring much for your understanding of it… Bite me!

I should draw my curtains… Feels like there is just a wall between the sun and my bedroom window. Too Lazy to get up from here though… I’ll rub my eyes every now and then to cool them off…

Is that seasoning I smell? …I washed my hands severally yesterday after allllllll the cooking… And I had my bath before bed… Crazy thought: maybe the seasoning is now buried deep within my skin…

I looked forward to the holiday with plans of plans of how I would spend every hour… I literally itched and scraped for it… It’s here now and I have no idea what to do with it and where to go. I’m a week in and I’m drooling-bored already! Maybe I’ll do a “big bang theory” marathon today… Or go out a bit… But traffic… And lately, that ‘painful-traffic-only-on- your-lane’ bug has been biting me much too often… Even in areas and neighbourhoods where there usually isn’t any traffic.

I wonder what Isabella is doing or would be doing today or right now… She is 3 years old… My boss’ daughter, but my favourite 3yr-old (for someone who has almost 20 nieces and nephews, I should have seen it all with kids, right? Well… It’s more of a ‘love the one you‎​​’re with’ thing). Isabella is the most precocious and mischievous little girl… Her life is easy… It’s amazing- the shock of the complete difference between the way she sees life and the way you see life. How her Dad is the only person or thing that can make everything right and better, and how her Mum alone can run “fun factory” out of business… And of course, how it’s only ‘yours truly’ that can listen to her. Understanding her simple intelligence is complicated… She loves much and forgives much… She find’s fun everywhere, and everything/object- animate or inanimate has a strong potential for a 45mins-1hr interrogation/discussion session. I don’t give her enough credit for being my much needed ‘sweet escape’, but I think she knows… And those sweet, hilarious, but most times tiring, painful and choking moments with her in my office (whenever she has to be at the office to wait for our official closing time before she goes home), are the best times of my day… of my week, sometimes. She’d keep me up to speed with everything that happened at school and what she’d be doing soon. She’d genuinely ask me, “aunty ‘lolade, how are you​‎​?” And genuinely wait for a reply… I sometimes tell her the truth like “I’m hungry and tired…”, or “I still haven’t got over my last bout of cubital tunnel syndrome…” (she’d repeat the big words, ask for the meaning and BAM! It’s stuck in her big nugget for life)… I like that I’m able to hold an adult conversation with her… But then, there are those times that she just crawls up under your skin and makes you​ want to pull your hair out. She doesn’t get or care that I’m so anal about my office- my table, my symmetrically and well-organised office supplies/drawer items, books, pens, sticky notepads etc (#sigh#) I wonder what she’ll be doing today… How she’s spent and will be spending the rest of the holiday…

Oh… Did I mention she is scared of fowls more than she is scared of ‘ojujukalaba’… And her love for watermelon will have you believe she sweats watermelon juice… And she loves to sing… and dance, especially when there is no music. I doubt she has random thoughts… Every thought in that cute little head of hers is as important and meticulously manufactured/processed as the rest.

Well… That’s about Isabella… Right now, I’m thinking of food… Breakfast… And this thought is in no way random! Not feeling like Xmas leftovers… Maybe something ‘bready’… It’s 10:02am.

Hope you have satisfied your curiosity for/about the workings of my mind (honestly, I don’t give the furry crack of a rat’s ass if you found it interesting, disturbing, a good or bland way to pass time while you are on the can, or if it dulled the workings of your own mind).

So get the hell out of my mind and go get a life!

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Random Thoughts 5: Toluh’s

Day 5. Thought 5. Toluh’s.

So I got a message from Dapo telling me to write an article outstanding enough for y’all to read and ponder on and I got thinking…and thinking…and thinking…and THINKING…about how I was gonna climb down from my bed and get my writing materials (I’ve grown lazy lately. Heck, at times I wonder if I’m gonna go to heaven myself of if they’ll send someone to come pick me up). Plus, this chilly weather? Mehn, it’s given me an excuse to stay indoors all day, lying under the covers on my bed. And on those rare days I decide to go out, I wear thick sweaters and denims. This, however, as irrelevant as it seems, birthed this article.

Here goes:

On one of these chilly nights, a saturday precisely, I decided to talk myself out of bed and go to church, spend some quality time with my Creator. Know wah I mean? Yeaaah..you do. (Insert pix ‘img_22.jpg’)

So, after a long and successful talk with myself, I dressed in a shirt, a sweater and settled for a pair of denims and went to church. Hours later, I found myself sitting outside the auditorium amongst a multitude of late-comers like myself, under a canopy set outside for us. So much for “spending quality time with my Creator”
(Insert pix ‘ima_33.jpg’)

The sermon ended shortly after and the choir came up to sing a number. I got up and took a walk around the church’s car park. I had to take that walk- to avoid a black-eye. (The dude that sat next to me danced like he was in a boxing ring). (Insert pix ‘img_44.jpg’)

As I was walking around, I spotted a church member who I’ve known to be a devoted christian. You know…the kind that does not answer simple questions directly. Their answers just have to be backed up by a verse from the bible. So, if I’m like “Hello, brother. May I know your name?” He’ll be like “You see, my dear sister, everything in this world is vanity. We will all go back to our Heavenly Father the same way we came- with nothing. Except our deeds on earth that will determine whether we land in heaven or hell. Which is why the bible says in Proverbs 22 vs 1, “a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches”. However, you can call me Brother Titus”. And I’ll be like o_O

Back to the matter.

(Forgive me, I get carried away at times)

So I spotted him and waved. He waved back and hurried over. We exchanged pleasantries and talked about random stuff for a while. And then, he asked the question that prompted the hot discussion we had that night. He asked, “I hope the cold isn’t getting to you?”. I shrugged and replied casually, “Well, not really. Considering what I am wearing, I don’t feel like I’m in the cold”. That was when he looked at me head-to-toe and saw the denims I was wearing. He gasped like he saw a python crawling over my feet and pointed at my legs. He went like, “Sister, you wore that to church? Haba. You know what the bible says about women wearing male clothing. This is wrong. This is a sin”

I was confused for some seconds.(Insert pix ‘img_55.jpg’)

He went on, “My dear sister (I am not your sister, man. I don’t know you from anywhere!), you see what this world is turning into? Women now wear trousers even when the bible has clearly stated that a woman shouldn’t wear that which pertains to a man. It is a sin. If women do not repent from this, they will all go to hell because the devil has started using his demons to make trousers for women. So many of them have gone to hell because of little things like wearing trousers cos’ they can’t go to heaven in them”.

I immediately perceived he had (and prolly still has) a very shallow understanding of the scriptures and being that I had had enough of the criticisms against women wearing trousers, I decided to make a few things clear to him. This was the conversation that ensued:

ME: So, they not wearing trousers is God’s standard for making heaven?

BROTHER TITUS: Not really. But-

ME: Tell me, what exactly is God’s standards for making heaven?

BROTHER TITUS: We must be born again and we live righteously.

ME: So, if I’m born again, I’m still gonna go to hell for wearing trousers?

BROTHER TITUS: (He did the ‘gasping’ thingy again) Oh no! Well…I don’t know. Still, the bible forbids a woman from wearing male clothing.

ME: How do we tell a man’s cloth apart from a woman’s? Did the bible tell us how to differentiate them?

BROTHER TITUS: No. But we both know trousers were made for men only.

ME: By who?

BROTHER TITUS: I don’t know. How am I supposed to know that?

ME: How are you sure the person made trousers for men only when you don’t even know him?

BROTHER TITUS: I know because men were the first to wear trousers. Women started to wear them long after that.

ME: So, how does that mean trousers were made for men only?

BROTHER TITUS: Because they are men’s wears.

ME: Who termed trousers ‘men’s wears’?

BROTHER TITUS: The first person that made it for men.

I found this very hilarious but I managed to stifle the laughter that was threatening to burst outta my lungs.

ME: What if that person decided to make another type of trousers and term it ‘women wears’?

BROTHER TITUS: I don’t know about that.

ME: If the person made trousers for men and trousers for women, it no longer means a woman is sinning when she wears trousers, does it?

BROTHER TITUS: Look, trousers were made for men first. So it is men’s wear.

I looked at him for a while. This dude thinks he has all the answers. I pulled off my sweater and revealed the shirt I was wearing underneath the sweater.

ME: Do you notice anything sinful in what I am wearing?

BROTHER TITUS: No. Except the trousers.

ME: What about my shirt?

BROTHER TITUS: Your shirt is okay.

ME: I know my shirt is okay. But, how come you didn’t notice anything sinful there?

BROTHER TITUS: There is nothing sinful there.

ME: So, you think shirts are for women only?

BROTHER TITUS: They are for both men and women.

ME: Who started wearing shirts?
BROTHER TITUS: Men, I think.

ME: Shouldn’t that make it ‘men’s wear’ since men started wearing shirts first? How come my shirt doesn’t look sinful to you?

BROTHER TITUS: At least, it’s not as tight as your trousers.

Just then, a girl and a guy walked out of the church, both wearing t-shirts designed for the programme.

ME: Which of these two is committing a sin by wearing the t-shirt?

BROTHER TITUS: None of them.

ME: Why, aren’t t-shirts men’s wears?

BROTHER TITUS: I think they’re for both men and women.

ME: Really, if t-shirts can be for men and women, why can’t trousers be for both men and women too? We know trousers for women are different from trousers for men. But, why don’t you see anything wrong in that girl wearing a t-shirt or me wearing a shirt? Or does God allow women to wear some men’s clothing and not others? Why is it a sin for women to wear trousers but not shirts?

He went on to argue more but most of it is all a blur now.

Still, the major purpose of writing this is to fling a few truths in the faces of those ‘anti-trousers’. The attributes of a christian lady when it comes to dressing is decency, modesty and moderacy. Don’t just look at a woman’s dressing and decide her spiritual fate. You are not GOD. It is very surprising and rather ridiculous that people still cling to that belief that women shouldn’t wear trousers. Like…this is 2013. There are some certain health conditions, climatic conditions and personal issues that do not afford some women the nerve to be clad in skirts and blouses all their lives. If a woman is sincerely born-again, she will definitely enter the gates of heaven.

The above event may or may not have happened. Even I don’t now.Any resemblance to a real person is unintentional…ok,that’s a lie. Any resemblance is not given a hoot about.

Give this article whatever title you deem fit. I hand over that responsibility to you. My bed’s warmth is wasting away…it needs me.

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Random Thoughts 3: Eseohe’s

Good morning. And here is the workings of @theladysleek mind. Do enjoy what I am treated to on a daily basis.

Ever have that “my life is not my own feeling”? Well, I do. I get that feeling a lot that what we have come to regard as our world is in fact maybe the best highest rating reality show in history. The world, our world, just has a mystery to it that I cannot understand. And sometimes, I find myself waiting for someone to jump out and tell me I have just been punked. No? Oh well!

Moving on, in our bid to understand our world and make something of it, you humans and some of us aliens and superpowers have spun all sorts of theories and doctrines, from the most ridiculous to the easily understandable and we have come up with rules, religion, politics, all of that. I think there is someone out there, maybe a council or another world watching from a distance as we all fall in line and try to struggle into these boundaries of propriety. I am not about to critique the status quo and call myself a rebel. Neither am I about to debunk millennia worth of doctrines and principles but what do all these labels mean and how do they help make our lives better? The ramblings (as I like to call them) of my little mind might not hold water but it wouldn’t hurt to share these random thoughts with you and see what you make of them.

Our systems are supposed to be a guide to help us prevent chaos and make something of the seeming endlessness of our universe but these guides have become in themselves constrictions and boundaries that create a chaos of their own. Religion, for one, I am of the opinion should help us be “good people”. These doctrines that form Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Sango-ism, should guide our spiritual beings and help our physical beings do right in this world but is that what they still are? I wasn’t there when religions were been made but I would like to believe that whoever founded these doctrines, whether made up or impacted and influenced by some supreme spiritual being had the best intentions in mind for our race. They must have been made as guidelines for leaving “a good and fulfilling life”. I doubt it was supposed to be a yardstick for been judgemental and hypocritical. So, how have we turned it all into reasons to strengthen boundaries, create new divides, destroy lives and be judgemental? Oh don’t go acting all innocent, I do it too. As much as I would like to think myself a syncretist, I criticize that Muslim girl in a hijab and tell myself what she does in her closets would be worse than me. I tell myself our “holiest” have more skeletons than my own little closet can hold and I justify my wrongdoings and carry on. I’m attempting to appeal to the logical maybe intellectual part of your mind. If you are reading this, I hope your mind has that portion.

“Oh no! They are Catholic.” “She’s muslim.” “He’s the last son of Buddha.” Can we all shut up and think for a moment what all that is supposed to mean? Labels do not make a person. Neither do stereotypes so why do we cling so hard to maintain boundaries that do not really mean anything and don’t help either. Lets not even go into the issue of politics and governance that was supposed to help in “the maintenance of law and order”. Are those rules not also what bring us to war and international crises? I am not asking for a world of lawlessness and even though I have the awesome power to, I will not command world peace. Yet. But, people, let’s take the time out to rethink our beliefs and make something good out of our lives and our world. We can’t change it all by ourselves? I think that too but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all those inspirational phrases that have now moved you to shed those harmful togas. This isn’t Panem and I am not inciting a rebellion but let’s take a step toward making that change beginning with the man in the mirror.
In the end, our opinions, beliefs and lives are ours to have and to hold; to subjectively and individually control but who decided for us the guidelines that have come to bind us to the never ending cycle of pain and hurt. Again, I’m not been a rebel. These are thoughts. Just. MY. Random. Thoughts.

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